what is a Secure Sockets Layer certificate and why we need it

Secure sockets layer is a security protocol which was developed by Netscape. SSL is an internet protocol used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a web server and a client’s browser. SSL is widely used by online stores and e-commerce websites where client’s data security is the most important thing. An SSL certificate uses a strong data encryption algorithm to encrypt the data transmitting between a web server and client’s browser so that it remains safe from unauthorized access.

Importance of SSL certificates

Almost all web browsers support SSL technology. An SSL certificate enabled website is considered as a more secure web for online shopping. Search engines are also giving SSL enabled websites more importance in their search rankings encouraging webmasters to use this technology. Google announced that it will display a security warning in Chrome for websites not using SSL certificates for data encryption. This new change will be implemented in upcoming version of Chrome which is expected to be launched at the end of 2016 or at the start of 2017.It will be easy for web users to differentiate between secure and unsecure websites.

If you have disabled additional dialogs in Google Chrome  or Mozilla Firefox and want to enable it again. Or if you are getting messages from a particular web page and wondering how to prevent this page from creating additional dialogs.  You can change the additional dialog settings in Google Chrome or Firefox by using this guide.

How to install SSL certificate on a website

SSL certificates can be purchased by your web host and installation is done on a website through website’s control panel .The process doesn’t require any expert level knowledge but not all web owners can do it. The cost of SSL certificates varies from host to host. After successfully installing an SSL certificate when you open your website in a web browser you can see a green button in address bar.


Reasons for SSL certificate errors

However, in various cases, SSL certificates are not installed properly. In this case, while browsing an SSL-enabled website, the browser shows an SSL connection error or err_ssl_protocol_error. There are many ways to fix these kinds of SSL errors. Sometimes the errors are server-side and sometimes due to some configuration problems with user’s browser. Always make sure you have the latest version of browser installed.