The 7 digital marketing trends that will be imposed in 2019

The high competitive level in the technology sector forces companies to redefine their marketing strategy more frequently. Organizational processes are increasingly leveraged in technology, generating a dependence on the digital transformation process.

In the era of digitalization, taking proper advantage of tools and channels, quickly adapting to trends and innovating, is essential not only to achieve corporate objectives but also to generate value in the face of competition.

New technologies must be designed to adapt quickly and incorporate them into the 2019 strategy. Here are some of them:

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Its objective is to simulate reality through digital environments. Currently, it is used to support a purchasing decision as an interaction strategy between the brand and the consumer, attract customers, support business innovation processes and differentiate in the market with interactive activities.

Voice searches

Currently, technologies are designed to make life easier. A good example is Google Home, an assistant at home who, through voice, plays songs and videos, remembers appointments, news, calls, etc.

Content Marketing and Content Marketing

Being more assertive in digital communication is increasingly relevant. Presenting timely content to the indicated user, at the right time and on the right page is a permanent challenge.


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They are increasingly used in companies. It allows the user to hold a conversation through a programmed and automated robot to simulate a real environment as if a human were doing it. It is considered a trend insofar as it generates a greater interaction and relationship between brands and consumers.

Automation of marketing and content

The large amount of information that we find on the network is forcing companies to generate greater value in the development of their content. The implementation of a platform that automates the production of content and marketing actions, not only reduces costs in the investment but also optimizes the results, analyzes the data, allows a global vision of the business and consequently, takes better decisions.

Programmatic video

Video today is the protagonist of digital consumption. The increase in demand forces companies to evolve their formats in order to improve their positioning and achieve a better relationship with their potential customers and their target audience.

Social commerce and mobile commerce

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Purchases through social networks represent the evolution of e-commerce. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest represent the evolution of online shopping, especially for independent sellers and small brands. On the other hand, the increase in the use of the internet through mobile devices increases the trend of m-commerce. This motivates merchants to adapt their websites to a fully responsive version with transactional buttons, and to facilitate the opportunity to sell and buy from anywhere in the world.

Consumption habits change permanently, which prevents ensuring compliance with the long-term strategy. The digital world forces B2B companies to adapt to the market, research and analyze the results of the actions, innovate and adjust as many times as necessary the strategy in order to meet the company’s objectives, and the needs of your customers.